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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


Declare your personal independence day Monday, April 22! If you have been drained by other people's manipulations or machinations, like it or not, you can free yourself now. The work week begins with a surprising note when the ego-persistent Sun is crushed with your co-manager, the radical transformer Uranus, in your fourth family home, home and foundations. It is not difficult for your clear sign to get out of a situation and analyze it without an emotional charge. Use this superpower to improperly analyze any restrictive relationships and decide which changes you can make in your personal interest. No, water carrier, this is not narcissistic; it is self-protective! When you let others exhaust your energy, you're complicated. This one-time transit can help you cut the wire and make yourself free. Over the past eight years, this has happened in Aries and in your communications corner, and these quick "successes" may have helped you express some integrated needs with colleagues. Now, for the first time in your life, it appears in the permanent Taurus and in your family zone. True, the effort is higher, but it is also the potential benefits. And the fact that you invoke courage and self-respect to do so is fundamental to your growth as a result. If your courage can withstand a few bets, you have an endless chat with a trusted confidant, and when you do, you may be motivated to meet someone who crosses a boundary in another area of your life.

When you start talking about your truth to difficult people in your life and stand up and show yourself, some relationships can become unsustainable. At first, your social signs may seem so disturbing, but once you find out that you have more leisure and less disturbing interactions, you won't miss these people at all! Come Wednesday, when Pluto's penetration begins its annual retrograde, you can actually start wishing for more time alone. In the 16-year period between 2008 and 2024, Pluto slowly combed through Capricorn and your twelfth house for introspection, closure and healing. During this "crucial" five-month cycle, you'll need more space away from the noisy crowds. This is a good time to start or deepen a meditation (or an introspective practice), learn Reiki, get involved in hypnosis, psychotherapy or work with an alternative healer. As you regain the layers of your own consciousness, observe the ancient patterns and programs that you may not even understand, "hijack" your behavior and sabotage your dreams. And if there is forgiveness for being done (or asked), be corrected. Do not defeat the supernatural healing power of a sincere "excuse"!

On Saturdays, your willpower is not likely to work in full capacity, so do not lose consciousness when it comes to your wishes and choices. While a bit of luxury is a wonderful treat, don't overdo it (because the credit card bill will soon be followed). If you can't afford to pay cash for the brilliant "objet" or you need vintage champagne on a PBR budget, distract yourself and redirect yourself. The impetuous Mars in your tenth fifth house is put in the center of Neptune out of focus in your financial sector, which can cause you to pull the plastic a little too fast. If you really can't resist a particular madness, familiarize yourself with the business return policy before pushing your finger.

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