Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope
Selasa, 23 April 2019
Capricorn Monthly Horoscope
Influenced by Mars in Gemini, you will remember the valuable help your friends have provided. It’s not easy to pick up some of the responsibilities assigned to you on your shoulders, but you will find the fun of sharing, which will ease your burden and move toward the goal. Mercury and Venus will be your best friends in the first half of the month, enhancing your instincts and making you more romantic... this is the perfect month to pursue others or accept the pursuit and let your emotions belong. It is also an opportunity for you to relax in a companionship with no ulterior motives. This shift will bring much-needed rest to your busy life. In addition, the surrounding environment will help improve your financial situation, and your instincts will work wonders. On the 19th, the full moon will change your mood and communication will not go smoothly. You would rather seek refuge in your own small world, which may make you separate from your loved ones. Take time to relax and let your nervousness fade away!


Make the most of the nuances of the first half of the month, be more friendly and gentle, and prepare for the upcoming less smooth and exciting days. In fact, as time goes by, Mercury and Venus will enter Aries to make your feelings and relationships with others more complicated.


You are a master of rhythm, you will need to use this ability to turn tenderness into confrontation, turn gentleness into demand, and turn irritability into calm. This month will become rich and colorful and will attract all your attention - as well as all your abilities.

Mars will enter Gemini on April 1st to promote communication, communication and ideas. Energy must be delivered. Our actions have already begun, which may cause excitement and nervousness. From April 11th until August 19th, Jupiter will begin retrograde at the end of Sagittarius. Values, beliefs, rules, ethics, law and ideals will all be reviewed and reassessed by our own individuals. Each of us will reject anything that does not conform to its natural laws and assimilate anything that benefits us. Venus, always very fast, will enter Pisces along its orbit, and it will stay there until the 20th before entering Aries. In the first three weeks, most of us will appreciate a sense of goodwill and poetry in this barbaric world that will only bring us some benefits. Once in Aries, the rhythm will change. Starting on the 20th, Venus in Aries will bring perseverance, courage and eagerness to our emotional (or financial) life.