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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope


On Monday, April 22, you shift your attention from your logical left brain and VIBE your way to important decisions. The sky is characterized by a rare (once a year) revolutionary mashup of the enlightening sun and the disturbance Uranus. It is the first time since 1942 that this fusion takes place in Taurus and your twelfth house for introspection, transition and healing. You have more access to information than you could realize, Gemini, but it doesn't come from a Google search. Begin to pay attention to the "signs" and synchronicities that are too significant to be coincidence (probably not). Dreams are another rich source of information, so before you throw yourself out of bed, you long to remember those who feel closer to the surface. Read between the lines of what people say. And above all, listen carefully to the small voice inside you - or the unmistakable feeling in your stomach - it rarely breaks. On the healing front, if you have work to forgive (or ask), this is a perfect day for some important changes in important relationships.

The cloud of Wednesday is marked by a large cosmic switcheroo: Penetrating Pluto moves into its annual retrograde, again in Capricorn and in your eighth house. Your optimistic character prefers to drive with humor and intelligence, but while the "gentleman's lord" is coming back here, you can lose tolerance for chatting and superficiality. These next five months provide the necessary certification to immerse themselves deeply in metaphysical and transformative work as well as in the hidden chambers of one's inner world and one's feelings. While at first it may seem like an unfamiliar country when you become familiar with it, you may enjoy the opportunity to make profound changes in your life, especially in fixed or stagnant areas. Pluto is for a long and slow scan through Capricorn from 2008 to 2024. Now that you have gone halfway, you can achieve what has changed: your intuition is probably improved; You may have developed new ways to deal with intimate relationships. Some couples will deepen their ties with radical honesty and stronger engagement, while others may decide to separate or deliberately open the partnership. Since Pluto and the eighth house have a scorpion power, you can be attracted to very different people and ways to connect. However, due to the retrograde motion, it may be necessary to negotiate again on October 3, no matter what plan you can do, whether simple or spoken. Pay attention to negative emotions such as anger, jealousy and even obsession during this cycle. They could make you feel strong at the moment, but if they become uncontrolled then they will hurt the seeds of self-destruction.

On Saturday, trickster Neptune shows a look, scrambling signals by sending a disturbing beam to the Mars activator in your character. Just as you thought it was safe to relax and get the most out of the weekend, get some attention. Although you cannot predict - not to mention control - the behavior of others, you can proactively prevent being sucked into a drunk friend or relatives drama. (And if you don't, you'll end up kicking yourself and asking why you didn't see what's coming.) And if a conversation turns to warmer territory, notice the warning signs and leave the person you care for Know, but you are currently unable to go "there".

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