Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope
Selasa, 23 April 2019
Leo Monthly Horoscope
For you, Mars' energetic energy effects will first affect your mind and inspire you. Past events or people may reappear in your dreams or memories and become the source of your artistic creativity. This will be a good time to explore all of your potential. Still, as Jupiter begins to retrograde on the 11th, you will find it harder to deal with some of the criticisms or conflicting opinions encountered. In the first two weeks, your love life will still be the focus, followed by the arrival of Mercury and then Venus, which will make your daily life atmosphere more cold and tense. The happy conversation is gone forever; what we are thinking now is a priority. Whether you like it or not, you will face the strong energy fields around you. If you can't see the truth from these magnetic fields, then your life may become more difficult. The full moon on the 19th will make a special attempt in this regard.


Take advantage of the changes in Venus and Mercury that finally enter the Pisces (friendly constellation) that is as romantic as you are. This month, the stars will become more and more energetic, more capricious, and lack of nuanced care. The full moon on the 19th may have a particularly tired feeling for your meditation nature.


You will be in the best state before the 16th, but in the first two weeks you will have to make a choice, decide where your romance will start, and be prepared for some small setbacks at the end of the month. They won't break the relationship between you, but they may disappoint you.

Mars will enter Gemini on April 1st to promote communication, communication and ideas. Energy must be delivered. Our actions have already begun, which may cause excitement and nervousness. From April 11th until August 19th, Jupiter will begin retrograde at the end of Sagittarius. Values, beliefs, rules, ethics, law and ideals will all be reviewed and reassessed by our own individuals. Each of us will reject anything that does not conform to its natural laws and assimilate anything that benefits us. Venus, always very fast, will enter Pisces along its orbit, and it will stay there until the 20th before entering Aries. In the first three weeks, most of us will appreciate a sense of goodwill and poetry in this barbaric world that will only bring us some benefits. Once in Aries, the rhythm will change. Starting on the 20th, Venus in Aries will bring perseverance, courage and eagerness to our emotional (or financial) life.