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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope


It looks like a Zen-enigma, but is trying to anticipate unexpected changes on the work front this week. Your graph is not shaken by one, but a few important planetary shifts, both in housing-related homes. Monday, April 22, your galactic guardian, the enlightening Sun, holds a corner with Uranus throwing the ball. This is an annual event, but for the first time since 1942 it takes place in the rooted bull and in your career home. Taurus energy is slow and constant; Uranus pays homage to a sudden and unpredictable transformation. You could receive a call or email from someone you contacted months ago for a concert or guide for an incredible offer that "magically" lands in your inbox. Perhaps your own company can finally recognize your talents and take advantage of a leading role. When the planet jumps sideways at the helm, things can happen super fast, so be careful. And remember, Leo: Don't leave your pity when you get up. Your character regulates the heart of the heart, so do not ignore it; amplificalo!

The next big shift comes on Wednesday when the metaphorical Pluto takes off his annual retrograde. From 2008 to 2024, the powerful dwarf plan is trekking through Capricorn and your sixth home for work and service. This five-month brake relocation cycle lasts until October 3, where events may occur which require you to lower (if you do not quit any activity). But instead of feeling frustrated, use this "forced slowdown" to seriously assess whether the path you are on is personal support and care. If your job gives you a deep sense of satisfaction, you will be even more grounded in your field or you will increase in the business increase over the next five months. But if you reach the inevitable conclusion that you are not satisfied, it is the perfect opportunity to do some research (and soul searching) to find something that suits you best. The energy of the stones is methodical and cautious, and Pluto is certainly not fond of rashes, so you are not likely to do your work until you have a new plan. If you need new training or certification, make it a summer priority. You could do something completely new in October!

Saturday stars could make a curve to a personal relationship or put you in the middle of a tea with friends. At the bottom of it is a square of exchange of signals between the distortion of Neptune in your mysterious eighth house and the exclusive Mars of Gemini and your sector of group business. If the gossip swirls around you like a tornado, take it with a grain of Celtic sea salt, no matter how juicy it is or how reliable the source is. Spread of tabloid food is a recipe for disaster. On a related note, keep your secrets in the vault, because you don't know who you can trust in these crazy skies. If you are forced to sit with a friend's tear, keep an open mind and remain neutral!

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