Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope
Selasa, 23 April 2019
Libra Monthly Horoscope
Mars in Gemini will help you to further your relationships. You will expand your circle of friends. Hiking or traveling will give you the opportunity to meet new people. You can also get a chance to communicate in certain relationships or contract negotiations. Your sleek and sleek nature can make communication and dialogue more sincere. Jupiter will begin retrograde on the 11th, which will help your friendship and love. Jupiter retrograde will prompt you to examine your initial heart and become more independent. As Mercury arrives in Aries on the 16th, the first half of the month will be very enjoyable: interaction and communication will be full of energy and essence, and your encounter with others will usher in surprises and unexpected changes. In this environment, you can enjoy positive impact in every area of ​​your life that requires creativity. On the 19th, your full moon of the constellation will bring you a wonderful time to relax. If you arrange a dinner for yourself, you will have the chance to meet some interesting people. Finally, on the 20th, Venus will enter Aries, reawaken your love life, and may even put some ideas about marriage into your mind.


This April will have a beautiful beginning for your love life. As Mars enters the friendly wind sign Gemini, your career will be greatly enhanced, and your charm will be better than ever, and you will develop easily in an environment that meets your standards. Use these excellent conditions to make informed choices.


Don't let this time of activity, glamour and opportunity slip away from you. In April, you are going to invite people to come over or be invited to a party. Every new meeting may have a romantic seed buried in it...

Mars will enter Gemini on April 1st to promote communication, communication and ideas. Energy must be delivered. Our actions have already begun, which may cause excitement and nervousness. From April 11th until August 19th, Jupiter will begin retrograde at the end of Sagittarius. Values, beliefs, rules, ethics, law and ideals will all be reviewed and reassessed by our own individuals. Each of us will reject anything that does not conform to its natural laws and assimilate anything that benefits us. Venus, always very fast, will enter Pisces along its orbit, and it will stay there until the 20th before entering Aries. In the first three weeks, most of us will appreciate a sense of goodwill and poetry in this barbaric world that will only bring us some benefits. Once in Aries, the rhythm will change. Starting on the 20th, Venus in Aries will bring perseverance, courage and eagerness to our emotional (or financial) life.