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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope


Talk about starting a week on a high note! Monday, April 22, the Excitable Sun holds its annual summit with radical and unpredictable Uranus that can trigger sudden and intense changes in your life. Over the past eight years, this mashup has taken place in Aries and in your partnership zone and has probably triggered some interesting staples. But this year, for the first time since 1942, the fusion appears in a sensual and founded Taurus and in your eighth house with permutation. For some Libra's, all heights and lows of the last eight years could finally balance and lead you to the place you were looking for! Single? An occasional conversation can degenerate into unobstructed flirtation, which can quickly lead to something even hotter. Even the attached Libras could feel the heat with a new crush. But check yourself before crossing the lines that you can't take a step back. This adjustment is like playing with fire. In the beginning it is nice, but you can easily burn yourself. Solid couples can do something for the moment, like fleeing to Las Vegas or starting or expanding a family. If you are unstable with someone, this high-octane energy can be the thing that ultimately gives you the drive to break it or do something really radical and see your problems that hinder your happiness. Even the eighth house manages joint ventures, so if you are in a creative or financial partnership, make sure you have made all background checks and read the best little print. If all systems are gone, this can change your life!

Wednesday's stars can draw your attention to internal issues, while the intensification of Pluto begins its annual retreat until October 3. In the 16 years from 2008 to 2024, this transition takes place in Capricorn and in your fourth home, family and foundations. Since the distant planetary alchemist entered this kingdom, you have deeply reflected on your inner circle and your life situation. Some Libras have already made important transformations in these areas (and if not, fix the seat belt). The types of changes that Pluto evokes can be exciting, electrifying, and disruptive, but if something you cling to is no longer appropriate to your current lifestyle or to your higher goals, it will come next to revision. It is up to you to decide whether to resist and fight the change, kick, scream or "surrender" and consider it a good opportunity to make the necessary course corrections. You may understand that you actually prefer to live alone, or you are TIRED to live alone, or you may want to improve relationships with close friends or family. Conclusion: As soon as you are sincere about how REALLY you want your personal life to appear, Pluto will help you manifest it as a leader.

On Saturday, it is definitely Mars anchored in a corner that is mixed with Misty Mist. When you try to focus on something important, your attention awaits like a cloud on a windy day. Here's an idea: Instead of smoothing a square stick in a round hole, throw yourself into something you can do without fatigue and joy. So instead of poor over accounts, start a creative activity, or spend the day in nature or exploring an unknown cityscape. While disorienting, this one-time shipping can actually help you become more authentic about your feelings, both positive and negative.

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