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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope


Go out there this week, Pisces! The stars not only send support: they give you a cosmic kick in the pants to share a bold idea or take a little gamble in approaching someone on your radar. Monday, April 22, the sun has a corner with Uranus. While this merger takes place once a year, it is the first time since 1942 that it has taken place in the Taurus root and in your third communications and networking house. Mentally reject any inhibition or self-awareness, and even though you should like to do so, you must act with confidence. Only this will attract people to you and your message. You will be amazed at your ability to say exactly the right thing to people, just the right way to get them on board. As fishermen, you can't help being emotional, and the more the true enthusiasm you can muster and transmit, the more likely they are to provide support you want. In your third home, this electrifying mashup will inspire you to initiate meetings and voluntarily share your brilliant ideas. Do not water your strangest thoughts. If ever stress them, they are the trump card.

Get in the middle of the week, but you want to take advantage of your keen sense of emotion while probing becomes Pluto for retrograde in Capricorn and in your area of group work on Wednesday. Don't be too quick to show your cards to anyone even if it's on your team. With the dark Pluto starting its five-year annual backspin, people's situations and motivations may not be what they think and it's up to you to call them any BS. Be more selective about who you share information or welcome to your inner circle from now until October 3rd. (Remember: "Con" in scam is not secure, so don't live your life right away.) Any collaboration must be checked and double crossed to give you the security you need to move forward, especially if you are investing money or a piece of your soul. This doesn't make you paranoid, Pisces: it keeps you safe. A positive side? If you wanted to be able to contribute to a team project or update or learn new software, the coming months should offer timely opportunities. Every aspect of your digital life deserves to be reviewed now as the retrogrades rule the past, and Pluto is the master of metamorphosis. But again, there is no reason to reveal what you are doing until you are 100% ready. The last thing you need is one that takes one of your brilliant ideas and runs it.

Keep your emotional antennas on Saturday when you may be sucked into a family problem, despite your insistence on getting out of it. Aggro Mars marches through your fourth home and family home that could shake things up alone. Making things even more stupid is a madman's trail from the deceptive Neptune hovering in your character and blending the signals beyond the decoding point. You won't be able to get to the bottom of the situation, so if you can't get rid of it, use your Spidey senses to find out if someone intentionally pulls the chain or it's confused that you don't really know how "out" her. Although it is in a legitimate crisis, remember: The best support is the type that allows a person not to activate them.

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