Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope
Selasa, 23 April 2019

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope
Mars in Gemini will focus on your love life. There will be spark collisions in the air, but this is not necessarily a negative negative representation. Do you like competition? You will be a person who can surpass yourself and will not react too aggressively. Changing the angle is very helpful for maintaining the conversation. On the 11th, retrograde Jupiter will enable you to take advantage of your personal qualities, maintain an optimistic passion and an open mind to face the future. Your IQ will be enhanced and you will thrive in a philosophical or intellectual dialogue. Mercury, which enters Aries on the 16th, the full moon on the 19th Libra, and Venus, who entered Aries on the 20th, will make the last two weeks more passionate. Mercury will make your interaction and communication with others more lively and constructive. This shift will help you organize your thoughts and then express yourself spontaneously, making your communication more constructive and impactful. Venus will awaken your love life and let you discuss and enjoy this exciting life in your company.


Mars is in your complementary constellation and will encourage you to act and be more united. As Mercury and Venus enter Aries, your emotional life will erupt in this month. If you act correctly, then this will be a paradise for you!


Silence is gold at the beginning of this month. Don't talk about stupid words at will - or worse, rebut when others say it. However, in these days, the atmosphere will become more and more favorable to you. The full moon of Libra on the 19th will bring a very compassionate atmosphere. This is the turning point of your love life from narrow to broad.

Mars will enter Gemini on April 1st to promote communication, communication and ideas. Energy must be delivered. Our actions have already begun, which may cause excitement and nervousness. From April 11th until August 19th, Jupiter will begin retrograde at the end of Sagittarius. Values, beliefs, rules, ethics, law and ideals will all be reviewed and reassessed by our own individuals. Each of us will reject anything that does not conform to its natural laws and assimilate anything that benefits us. Venus, always very fast, will enter Pisces along its orbit, and it will stay there until the 20th before entering Aries. In the first three weeks, most of us will appreciate a sense of goodwill and poetry in this barbaric world that will only bring us some benefits. Once in Aries, the rhythm will change. Starting on the 20th, Venus in Aries will bring perseverance, courage and eagerness to our emotional (or financial) life.