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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


If you wake up Monday, April 22, ready to hit a green juice and jump into the yoga studio, thank the mashup for a day in the glorious Sun and Uranus that changes the game into physical Taurus and your healthy sixth house. Even when we press your shoulders and acknowledge you from the sidelines, this triple motivational shot is accompanied by a warning sign. The annual merger can really shoot you and give you the kind of pressure you were waiting for. But suddenly and dramatically, as he approaches, he could explode just as quickly and leave you stuccoed in the rolled carpet and in a bag of organic cabbage. Max out of this scream of adrenaline comes with a sustainable plan. You will not be an everyday warrior who carries out as fast as you turn, Sag. Instead, find a manageable way to exercise and eat healthy in your normal life. (Note that we didn't say DAILY.) You can use this uranium energy to create new goals that really span you, even if they just seem to be out of your reach. Intermediate build halfway you know you can achieve, and when you hit them, you reward yourself to stay on track. If you are in a partnership, talk to your SA. about how to make some of these positive changes together. Single? Touch a friend who seems to like you and hold each other accountable. With the spring legally in the air, sometimes could not be more perfect!

Money makeover, anyone? Big changes can come down from pike as early as Wednesday when revolutionary Pluto will start its annual retrograde and report cash management to you. Many archers have already moved into the fast lane on the financial highway, and this annual pivot is an opportunity to assess your progress and direction. In 2008, Pluto broke into Capricorn and your second home of tax funds and will remain in this very important area until 2024. At the end of this prolonged period, you should have good control of things, but it is not necessary to do any rash. with the dwarf plan pulling through the cautious Capricorn, it hurts wastefully. This change throughout your approach is one of Pluto's homework and this five-month backspin will present opportunities to make the necessary changes without stressing it. You could revise an old idea or investment strategy that is suddenly appropriate again. And who knows? Perhaps you will finally embrace most non-sagittal concepts: a budget!

Emotions can be achieved during the disturbing Sabbath place between the passionate Mars in your relationship corner and the sensitive Neptune in your fourth emotional home. You can fight to articulate your emotions or spend the day walking with thinner skin. It is also possible that you are irrelevant of the moods of others and in a wrong effort to avoid harming them, swallowing your truth. But consider this: In your attempt to "save" the feelings of others, you serve your own, which can lead to anger. During this mashup, compassionate honesty is the best policy. Single courses could get stuck in a sizzling flirt, and while pursuing it, it would be fun at the moment, because during this fast transit it would not likely lead to anything solid as a rock.

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