Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope
Selasa, 23 April 2019
Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Mars in Gemini will bring a tense atmosphere that will make you feel overwhelmed by restrictions and restraints, so that you ignore your initial wishes. You are used to serving others, but the bottom of your heart will raise the feeling of rebellion and disappointment, letting you pay attention to your own desires and better express your desires. Fortunately, Mercury and Venus will be in harmony in the first half of the month, with dialogue and communication with people around you, especially with your partner. You will feel uneasy in your daily life and call on you to see the essence of things in a friendly and romantic atmosphere. Venus will allow us to maintain our passion for relationships. Release yourself, don't ask too many questions, trust your own instincts. You will enjoy a happy moment with your partner, especially Jupiter, which is retrograde from the 11th, will make you more open. With a more constructive attitude, you will get the most benefit from this transition.


There will be a bit of anxiety in the first half of the month, but this is the price that must be paid to clean up your relationship. Mars in Gemini won't make things easier: the burden of aggravation and severe criticism may make you lose your mind. Don't overreact: You are the best. Your ability is your peace of mind.


As your love life returns to a stable state, you are likely to experience some turmoil. Stay confident (especially on yourself), don't let people with ulterior motives control you. Establish your own happiness alone.

Mars will enter Gemini on April 1st to promote communication, communication and ideas. Energy must be delivered. Our actions have already begun, which may cause excitement and nervousness. From April 11th until August 19th, Jupiter will begin retrograde at the end of Sagittarius. Values, beliefs, rules, ethics, law and ideals will all be reviewed and reassessed by our own individuals. Each of us will reject anything that does not conform to its natural laws and assimilate anything that benefits us. Venus, always very fast, will enter Pisces along its orbit, and it will stay there until the 20th before entering Aries. In the first three weeks, most of us will appreciate a sense of goodwill and poetry in this barbaric world that will only bring us some benefits. Once in Aries, the rhythm will change. Starting on the 20th, Venus in Aries will bring perseverance, courage and eagerness to our emotional (or financial) life.