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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope


Get out of the box, Virgo! This week brings back-to-back opportunities for quantum growth, but you need to be ready to throw your old skin and enter a new and exciting future! The Transformation Tango begins on Monday, April 22, when the luminous sun makes its annual merger with Uranus transformation. Although this is an annual event, it is the first time since 1942 in Toro and in your ninth house of travel, adventure and expansion. With Uranus radicals in the mix, things could come from nowhere and quickly! So don't expect sweet and gradual change. You may receive an invitation to an epic escapade with a friend or a love interest, or a business trip may fall into your legs. But there is no need to wait for people to contact you. Do you have a good idea? (Of course you do: This is your visionary ninth house!) Go ahead and start the party - or the activity launched - yourself! Need a support team? Gather your friends who share your dreams and jump to action. With each step taken, signal your intention to the universe, and from there things can happen very quickly. You can adapt to people from other time zones or parts of the world, so be sure to have the apps you need to talk to anyone anywhere. And if you have hesitated to attend a class or workshop to bring your skills to speed, this revolutionary transit can brighten up the perfect!

And then, Wednesday, Pluto's invasion changes in reverse until October 3. From 2008 to 2024, the mighty dwarf plane crosses its landmark Capricorn and your fifth home for romance, risk and creativity. Forward, Pluto can feed your competitive touch, but the retrograde can actually offer you a time-out of all that intensity. These next five months are perfect for greater clarity about your inner function, especially in romantic relationships. If you're single, don't hurry in anything serious. You are in "renewal" mode and you can feel very different from October. Use this time to take an objective look at your emotional life without being too attached to what you learn. If you are in an LTR, you can find out which intense emotions (or childhood injuries) keep you from getting even closer. On another level, your creative inspiration can change or deepen your influence. Search for mice and mentors to strengthen this new direction. And most importantly, let yourself write / play music / dance for the pure joy of doing it without judgment!

If the work calls Saturday, virgin, let's go to the secretary. You have plans, even if they just relax and do nothing. But the point is to relax and recover from an intense and staggering week. And surely we go around who is trying to mix the couple! Destabilizing Neptune in your Relationship Sector sends a disturbing square to Mars in your goal-focused tenth house. When other people's goals do not match your own, resist the Virgin's tendency to change shape to fit others. Here is a truth that you may want to take heart: helping others is admirable, but if you have to compromise on an important plan or commitment to self-care, it's probably not a good idea.

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